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Welcome From 01.10.2020. the exhibition and the cafe is closed. >
Welcome to the website of the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau – the Magyar Szecesszió Háza. It is unique in Hungary, that a gallery or a museum is dedicated entirely to the Secession style. We didn’t just rebuild the house and the interior decoration, but we built around it the atmosphere of this style, the atmosphere of turn of the century Hungarian peacetime.

Museum The house was built by Emil Vidor in 1903, for the Bedő family. The contemporary furniture, decorative objects, paintings and instruments displayed on more than 600 square meters faithfully evoke the beginning of the twentieth century. In this way, the museum gives insight to the visitor into the "peace-times", the atmosphere of bourgeois life of Budapest.

Arts Events
The masters of Art Nouveau, today's scholars and allied arts are regularly presented in temporary exhibitions on the building's lower level. The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau is giving space also to artistic round-table discussions.

Art Nouveau Cafe Near the artistic quality decorations and enterieurs arranged on the three levels of the exhibition space there is a coffee shop, where every morning freshly baked croissants, and throughout the day homemade pastries and cookies, coffee specialities, tea and hot chocolate are waiting for our dear guests. Reservation:+36-70-643-2331 Instagram:secessiocafe

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