Az épület - Bedő ház - 1903
Bedő Ház 1997

Photo: Benkovich Attila
Bedő Ház 2007

Photo: Benkovich Attila

Bedő Ház 1997 As you can see before the restoration, down to the ground floor, square windows were destroyed the original peacock tail arched, wooden portal. The building was the headquarters of SZÖVOSZ a long time, they broke through the wall and and operated canteens. The Bedő house's ground floor in begin of the century was a joiner, it was originally designed for large machine tools, and was 6-meter ceiling height. Since this for service kitchen was too high, then converted a two-storey home with improvement techniques.

Source: - Because the Art Nouveau is beautiful - an interview with Vad Tivadar, the owner of House of Hungarian Art Nouveau.

Bedő Ház 2007 "In 2003 the government announced a tender for the almost 600 square meters of vacant rental right of recovery. Art historian was to be assessed for a permanent exhibition objects to meet this goal. Competed, won, purchased the lease for the space and rebuilt. The architect Benkovich Attila and the architectural historian János Gerle, senior expert of the era were the first assistants. We have created the portal curved as a peacock's tail, based on old photographs and have extracted the old interior. The entire facade of the house was restored to the original. "

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